The COTIDIANA supervisory board meeting, held on the 7th and 9th of November, 2023, proved to be a success. The reviewers, Tariq Osman Andersen, Associate Professor at Copenhagen University, and Alan Bourke, Senior Data Scientist at Novartis, provided positive feedback, commending the project’s achievements, technological maturity, and the relevance of the studies conducted by the team. Notably, the team received valuable suggestions for business opportunities, including utilizing COTIDIANA in Pharma’s internal decision-making for early trials and as a patient-centric app to enhance drug adherence.

The project’s strengths, as highlighted by the reviewers, include an impressive team effort, a high technical achievement with advanced mobile sensing and tracking capabilities, and its readiness for regulatory approval and certification. Suggestions for future development include ensuring that the platform is technologically agnostic, configurability for tailored trials, and prioritizing features based on their maturity. Exciting business prospects were proposed, such as internal decision-making support in clinical trials and promoting patient self-management. The COTIDIANA team was urged to explore these opportunities and conduct a SWOT analysis, considering the competitive landscape, while identifying features that bring tangible value when integrated into clinical practice.