The project COTIDIANA started in April 2021 and finishes in July 2023. Nevertheless, some project results are already available. For getting an overview of the project, it might be useful to watch the 9 minute presentation the consortium delivered at the 3rd Digital Rheumatology Day. Project publications, public deliverables, and media appearances related to the project are listed below. Further information can also be provided upon contact.


  • Nunes, F., Silva, J., COTIDIANA consortium (2021) Monitoring patients with rheumatic conditions remotely using data from smartphones, Presentation at 3rd Digital Rheumatology Day, Switzerland. Video


  • Nunes, F., Grego, P. R., Araújo, R., Silva, P. A. (2023) Self-report user interfaces for patients with Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases: App review and usability experiments with mobile user interface components, in Computers & Graphics. PDF DOI.
  • Rêgo S., Henriques A. R., Serra, S. S., Costa, T., Rodrigues A. M., Nunes, F. (2023) Methods for the Clinical Validation of Digital Endpoints: Protocol for a Scoping Review, in JMIR Research Protocols. PDF DOI.
  • Araújo, R., Matias, P., Studenic, P., Valada, M., Graca, R., Nakhost Lotfi, N., Belo, D., Nunes, F. (2023) POS0978 EXPLORING SMARTPHONE-BASED DIGITAL ENDPOINTS FOR RHEUMATIC CONDITIONS, in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. PDF DOI.
  • Andersen, T., Nunes, F., Wilcox, L., Kaziunas, E., Matthiesen, S., Magrabi, F. (2021) Realizing AI in Healthcare: Challenges Appearing in the Wild, in Proc. of CHI 2021. PDF DOI.


Media appearances

  • 7/4/2021, Aimed at people with rheumatic conditions, COTIDIANA project kicks off. Press release at AICOS website, in English: link
  • 9/4/2021, FhP-AICOS lidera projeto de tecnologia móvel que possibilita a análise de destreza de pessoas com doenças reumáticas. News at Computerworld, in Portuguese: link
  • 11/4/2021, is used for the development of COTIDIANA mobile solution for remote monitoring of people with rheumatic conditions.. Blog post at Pryv website, in English: link
  • 21/4/2021, FhP-AICOS lidera projeto de dois milhões para pessoas com doenças reumáticas. News at Hospital do Futuro, in Portuguese: link
  • 10/4/2023, Saúde Digital: COTIDIANA. Bulletin of the Portuguese League Against Rheumatism, in Portuguese: link